Valerie Douglas Interview

Valerie Douglas is a prolific writer and a genre-crosser, much to the delight of her fans. A fan of authors in almost every genre she writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and, as V.J. Devereaux, erotic romance.

Happily married, she’s companion to two dogs, four cats and an African clawed frog named Hopper who delights in tormenting the cats from his tank.

TDBW: When did you start writing?

Valerie: I think I’ve been creating characters and plots since I could imagine them.

TDBW: What was the first story you remember writing?

Valerie: I was eight, it was for school, and I got an A!

TDBW: What genre is your most preferred?

Valerie: Fantasy – epic or historical

TDBW: What challenges you the most in your writing?

Valerie: Writing? It’s a challenge? Nahhhhh. Seriously. Right now the only problem I have is the little gerbils in my brain scrambling off in too many directions!

TDBW: What is your favorite thing about being an author?

Valerie: Immersing myself in that world and those characters – I want to go with Elon and the others on a journey through the Kingdoms, or join Cam at one of her weekend brunches.

TDBW: What do you like least about being an author?

Valerie: Marketing!

TDBW: How many books do you currently have available?

Valerie: 21, not counting the three still with my trad publisher.

Visit Valerie Douglas’s Amazon Authors page for a complete list of her books.

TDBW: What projects are you currently working on?

Valerie: A prequel to The Coming Storm, and sequels to Heart of the Gods and Nike’s Wings… unless the muse changes her mind. (bloody Muse…!)

TDBW: Do you have any books coming out soon?

Valerie: It depends on the muse…but at least a few months for any of the above.

TDBW: Which book, or series, is your favorite?

Valerie: Books and series are like children, you love them all for different reasons.

Valerie has her fairy ears on. This is one author who really gets into her work!

TDBW: Who are some of your favorite authors?

Valerie: Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, G. R. R. Martin, J. D. Robb

TDBW: Which book(s) inspire you the most?

Valerie: The Lord of the Rings series, obviously, and sooooo many others.

TDBW: Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what band(s) do you play?

Valerie: I create soundtracks either from orchestral music or remixing existing soundtracks. And sometimes just silence.

TDBW: Any hobbies?

Valerie: Reading, of course, Drawing (portraits), gardening

TDBW: Tell us some more about yourself including your website and where we can find you on social media sites:

My website:
Twitter: @ValerieDouglasA

TDBW: Care to share a bit of one of your books with us?

Valerie: From The Coming Storm

The mother bear had put up a terrible fight to save her cubs, as such will do when their young were threatened. All around the clearing the dirt was torn up, the underbrush crushed and the trees marked with blood and fur. It had been a valiant but futile effort on the part of the bear. Little remained of her and her offspring except for the blood, the shattered bones and a few traces of offal. They stank but not nearly as much as the reek of something else, something that chilled Elon’s blood.
“Kobold,” he said, quietly into the unnatural silence of the wood, mute testimony to the fact that the predators that had done this still remained somewhere near.
They hadn’t reckoned on kobolds. Although there had been reports of something killing down here, they’d thought it was perhaps a young orc or a boggart. So far from the borderlands, it would’ve been more likely by far to be a rogue bear.
It wasn’t the bear that had gone rogue.
Every sense was alert, his eyes as much on the destruction here as on the least twitch of a branch against the breeze.
Around him, the eyes of the other Hunters scanned everywhere, down in the shadows, up into the branches and all around. Bows were strung and arrows were notched against what they couldn’t see.
“Aye,” Colath said, kneeling in the dirt next to a particularly noxious heap of offal and scat. Looking up, he gave Elon a significant look. “More than one.”
Elon looked closer, not that he had any doubts as to true-friend’s assessment. The signs were unmistakable. The coldness in his belly spread. Colath, his true-friend, paxman and most trusted companion, was vulnerable down there. Especially to kobolds, who ran low to the ground.
“Kobolds don’t travel in packs. Something’s wrong here. Get back in the saddle, Colath, and quickly.”



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