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About us and our goal:

Our goal is to bring readers and authors together. We realize there is a need to help authors promote their self-published books.

This coincides with the need that readers have to find great books that fit within their budgets. We will always strive to provide the best service possible without taking advantage of authors or readers. If you have any questions about us feel free to contact us.

The cost of advertising can be staggering through other promotional sites and forms of media. Some of these talented authors have great skill and imagination when it comes to writing books, but do not understand how, or have the time or budget to promote their own books without help.

We apply the use of social media platforms and, most important of all, your assistance to get these authors the recognition they so richly deserve.

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Meet a few of our staff members:

Leslie Whitaker

Leslie Whitaker

Leslie is the head of The Daily Bookworm’s promotional department. You will also find occasional book reviews popping up from her. Look out, folks. She is kinda feisty.

A word from Leslie:

HI All!

My name is Leslie Whitaker. I’m from California and I am NOT an author…

I am, however, a HUGE book nut. I am partial to the Vampire/Werewolf/ Ghost/Zombie/Paranormal thing, but I do love a good comedy or romance or mystery or thriller or…. Well.. pretty much everything.

I have been lucky enough to cross paths with some AMAZING writers and I have been lucky enough to create fan pages and book release parties on Facebook which have been a blast. Connecting authors with their fans has been a great way to get the word out about a great author and a new book!

Jaime Johnesee

Jaime Johnesee

Jaime Johnesee is the head of research and media at The Daily Bookworm. Expect to read some great reviews, blogs, articles and insights from this extremely talented woman.

A little bit about Jaime:

Jaime Johnesee worked as a zookeeper for fourteen years before deciding to focus on her passion of writing. Her decision has proven to be a good one, as her books have been received with critical acclaim, including Oh The Horror and Shifters, which was recognized as one of the best horror novellas of 2012. Although her initial foray into the literary world has been marked by success, Jaime has just begun and is a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Vix Kirkpatrick


Vix is the newest addition to The Daily Bookworm. She will be heading up our much needed book review department. We here at The Daily Bookworm are excited that this talented lady has joined us.

Be sure to read her book reviews here at The Daily Bookworm.

Red Fox Reviews.

For more Vix Kirkpatrick reviews visit her blog:

Fluffy Red Fox Book Reviews

A word from Vix:

HI Everyone!

My name is Vix Kirkpatrick. I’m from England and my passion is reading and I am a huge supporter of Indie authors!

I love the horror genre, but must be well written, even if B-movie style! I also enjoy sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, biographies and some weird stuff. I enjoy leaving reviews and supporting Indie authors.