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A message from Wormy

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The Bear Heiress (A BBW Menage Bear Shifter Romance)

The Bear Heiress (A BBW Menage Bear Shifter Romance)
By Desirae Grove

Lindy Woodford lives a quiet life as the town baker’s daughter, spending her days working at a grocery store or reading. When the Clan’s leaders announce that she will be the new Queen, it’s the last thing she expects.

Blake Owens and Jake Smith have been friends since childhood. But they share more than boyhood memories; for the last few months they’ve both wanted the same girl - Lindy. Now that she’s chosen to be a Queen, their dreams have crumbled to dust.

The prophecy of Lindy’s mates is specific, but finding the right pieces of the puzzle proves to be less clear-cut. The whole town is overcome with the challenge of finding its new leading trio, yet every step seems to push the lovers further apart. Lindy, and her men will stop at nothing to be together. But will their love make them the leaders their town needs or will it all end in disaster?

Featured Book

The Death Card: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery

The Death Card: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery
By Dianne Harman
Save $9.00 (90%)

Six time Amazon All Star Author with her third book in the best selling Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series.

Seth Williams, the bumbling and incompetent police chief of Red Cedar, calls Liz Lucas and asks her to help him solve the murder of his deputy, Leroy. He’s worried he might be a suspect because Leroy was going to run against him in the upcoming police chief election. His alibi is that he was getting a tarot card reading from Madame Dika when the murder occurred, but she vehemently denies that the reading ever occurred.

Liz and her protective dog, Winston, follow numerous and sometimes conflicting clues as they try to discover who killed Leroy. Was it the tarot card reader, Madame Dika, who had served time in prison for a psychic scam involving jewelry? Her brother, Anton, who has ties to a Southeastern European stolen credit card ring? Tom Rice, an ex-felon who had been in prison for wife-beating? Donna, Leroy’s ex-wife, who wants to get the back alimony Leroy owed her by making a claim against his life insurance. Or Ratface, Leroy’s bookie? And yes, it might even be the police chief himself.

And what about the relationship between Liz and Roger, the San Francisco lawyer she’s in love with. He gives her advice and helps her solve the case, but will their long-distance relationship turn into something more?

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The Summer the World Ended

Fourteen-year-old Riley McCullough has spent the last month ticking down the hours. She can’t wait for the final day of eighth grade, and enjoy the best summer ever with her best (only) friend, Amber. Her father left without so much as a goodbye six years ago, leaving an emotional void she’s never truly gotten over. […]


Kristen Elise, PH.D.

Kristen Elise, PH.D. is the author of the best-selling Katrina Stone Novels.  The Vesuvius Isotope and The Death Row Complex.    She was born a scientist and decided at an early age to earn a living as one. A professional drug discovery biologist and life-long travel addict, Kris takes the inspiration for her novels from discoveries […]


How to Date Dead Guys

In conjunction with today’s Giveaway, How to Date Dead Guys by Ann M. Noser. Ann is teasing us by allowing a special sneak peek into her exciting new book. So without further ado we bring you a peek inside How to Date Dead Guys.